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The final countdown of delicious chaos

lobster ravioli

It’s the final week of me spending enormous amount of hours in my tiny kitchen cooking up a storm before mom’s back. From next week, I’ll be mainly making desserts again. But I guess I’ll miss the days of delicious chaos.

I always have this fever for lobster, whenever there’s lobster dish on menu, I find myself ordering that nine out of ten times when dining out. Lobster itself is just luxurious, of course that doesn’t include the lousy ones at ‘Red lobster,’ although we still have occasional craving having lobster there when lobster pizza is available. The most intricate and delicious lobster creation I’ve ever had is from Thomas Keller’s French Laundry, and I do have his cook book on hand. Can you believe I served this wonderful delicacy on my own dining table? I really proud of the way it turned out!
Pure indulgence–all lobster meat filling with creamy Marscapone and chive, encased in a buttery chive crepe, served with rich, intense carrot, ginger emulsion, which started out from two pounds of carrots, and reduced down to no more than couple tablespoons of essence, enriched with tons of sweet butter.


It’s a lobster feast indeed, I made three lobster courses in a row, the second one is luscious butter poached lobster with orzo in creamy lobster broth, Parmasan crisp and coral oil. The next day, I assemble a dish with all elements together: crepe ravioli, buttery lobster claw, carrot emulsion and lobster cream reduction–heaven, that is.



Oh, and more pix for the smoked salmon tartar on homemade buckwheat blini, with creme fraiche.


we also had a simple smoked salmon crepe as a snack.


Sometimes, intensive labor of love make the best tasting food, but sometimes, simple rustic food is just as good as it gets. Like this super sweet starchy baked Japanese sweet potato we had on the other day.

baked Japanese sweet potato

This Sonoma chicken salad is my another all time favorite. I remember back in the States, it could easily be my lunch and dinner, and I just have to buy it from WholeFoods Market, but now, when I have the craving, I’ll have to make my own, luckily, it tastes even better!


This is the most amazing Spanish Iberico ham I was talking about before…with salty and nutty Parmagiano Reggiano.

Spanish Iberico ham and Parmagiano Reggiano

I made my first roast pork with crackling this week, I used Gordon Ramsey’s recipe, and it’s such a lovely perfect dish.

pork loin with crackling


Not much sweets this week, this is the one–green tea sheet cake roll with red bean cream.