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A belated merry Christmas to everyone!


It’s already 30th of December, it’s a bit late, but still, bet everyone’s got a very merry Christmas with lots lots of fun with family and friends, and of course, with abundance of good food!

It almost has become a tradition that I would cook up a fancy Christmas dinner for the family instead of dining out. And this year, the menu’s getting even more elaborate, which almost drove me crazy for several days just getting all the menu components ready before the 24th. Along with cooking and baking, getting the table set up, getting the centerpiece done, getting candles, chinaware, and place cards ready…would just take up so much time and thought, yet I had so much fun! And after all, everything got paid off after the lovely smooth dinner service=) It was really a lovely night with great food.

Part 1: ingredients and the making–


Part 2: The menu and the scene–


Part three: The deliciousness on plates–

img_2009-desktop-resolutionDungeness crab salad. cucumber gelee. avocado


Cauliflower panna cotta. oyster gelee. Sturgeon caviar

img_2022-desktop-resolutionimg_2012-desktop-resolutionimg_2063-desktop-resolutionglittering pickled Bing cherry to go with the foie gras torchon

img_209edited-desktop-resolutionimg_2109-desktop-resolutionimg_2808-desktop-resolutionFoie gras torchon. pickled Bing cherry-mango-pearl onion. Muscat grape jam. sweet wine gelee. toasted homemade brioche

img_2909-desktop-resolutionimg_2911-desktop-resolutionseafood-crab meat mousse. Dungeness crab bisque reduction.  Sturgeon caviar

img_3002-edited-desktop-resolutionimg_3024-edited-desktop-resolutionimg_3030-desktop-resolutionimg_3125-desktop-resolutionimg_3155-desktop-resolutionSeafood-crab meat mousse. sweet carrot emulsion. Dungeness crab essence foam. Sturgeon caviar

img_2466-desktop-resolutionimg_2485-edited-desktop-resolutionRoast organic French chicken. pumpkin cream. cornbread-chestnut-tart cherry stuffing. jus with cranberry jam

img_2488-edited-desktop-resolutionimg_2501-edited-desktop-resolutionimg_2513-edited-desktop-resolutionimg_2517-desktop-resolutionRoast Spanish Iberian pork loin rack. apples. sweet parsnip cream. beetroot emulsion

img_2891-desktop-resolutionimg_2904-desktop-resolutionleafy salad. Iberian ham. figs. pomegranate. toasted hazelnuts, pecans. Parmesan. aged Balsamic


img_2614-edited-desktop-resolutionimg_2668-desktop-resolutionwhipped ripe French brie. homemade Muscat grape jam. green figs. toasted homemade brioche

img_2191-edited-desktop-resolutionimg_2171-desktop-resolutionimg_2184-edited-desktop-resolutionYogurt charlotte. cream of blueberry soup

img_2215-desktop-resolutionChristmas chocolate roulade

img_2578-edited-desktop-resolutionSeasonal fruits from Japan and France

Needless to say, everyone’s super stuffed and happy! And no one needed much food on the Christmas day…just some light sandwich with left over brioche and crab meat, some French oyster, some salad, cheese and proscuitto. Life’s good with good food and wine=)

img_2693-desktop-resolutionimg_2711-desktop-resolutionimg_2719-desktop-resolutionimg_2725-desktop-resolutionimg_2740-desktop-resolutionimg_2857-desktop-resolutionimg_1806-desktop-resolutionimg_1823-desktop-resolutionimg_3272-edited-desktop-resolution1And a little warmth in the chill from a cup of soothing aromatic Egyptian rose tea.

Time flies, a brand new year’s just around the corner, with just 2 days to go. Mom’s gonna cook the New Year’s Eve dinner, so I instead, just need to lay back and enjoy her cooking=)

Everyone, happy new year! And have a wonderful wonderful year to come!!