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The awesome foursom…more cupcakes–strawberry, milk poached banana, French apricot and rhubarb bavarois


It’s another busy day in the kitchen developing new flavors, and for the first time, I got four different kinds of cupcakes in one day! Such a happy thing!

On top of  that, a little experiment doing sugar iced flower petals too, they went beautifully on those airy delights!

french-vanilla-chiffon-with-strawberry-bavarian-comboFrench vanilla chiffon with strawberry and cream bavarian

passion-fruit-chiffon-with-apricot-bavarian-comboPassion fruit chiffon with orange-passion fruit poached apricot bavarian

passion-fruit-chiffon-with-rubarb-bavarian-comboPassion fruit chiffon with rhubarb bavarian

vanilla-chiffon-with-milk-poached-banana-bavarian-comboFrench vanilla chiffon with milk poached banana bavarian

More chiffon in a cup…

banana-caramel chiffon cupcakes

banana-caramel chiffon cupcakes

Still cooking up a storm in my kitchen testing ‘chiffon in a cup’ recipes. So far, I’ve tried chocolate chiffon with passion fruit bavarois, white chocolate with tangerine, banana with caramel, green tea chiffon with green tea bavarois. My personal favorite is the banana one, absolutely darling with the cute looking of the caramelized banana slice on top. I have tons of new flavor combination in my mind waiting to be made and tasted, I wish I had 48 hours a day.
banana chiffon with caramel bavarois
green tea chiffon with green tea bavarois

Remember I whined about not being able to get heirloom tomatoes in HK? For the first time, I found it here! Although they are not from California, they flew from France instead. They were not as colorful and flavorful, which was a bit disappointing. (the ones from California have an amazing array of colors: white…or I should say cream; yellow, orange, red, green, sometimes red that is so dark that it almost looks black, which has the most intense flavor; or strips of different shades of one or two colors on one tomato, and often times they have funny irregular shapes–I guess that’s the charm of being heirloom.


heirloom tomatoes

Summer, it’s the season of peach! And this one in the picture happens to be the best peach of the year! Super sweet, super juicy with sugary liquid oozing out once run your knife into the pinky flesh. Oh, boy, that’s just a gorgeous looking peach there, looks like a pinky cheek.


Japanese peach

As you know, I really like salmon. Especially with the fact that it’s one of the most healthy protein you can put into your body and packed with omega 3 fatty acid. This time, on top of the usual pan roasted fillet itself, it’s served with caramelized organic avocado, fried lime shaves, crunchy grilled bread and Mediterranean dressing made with Luqous olive, anchovy, capers, shallots, basil, Champaign vinegar and olive oil.
Pan roasted organic salmon with caramelized avocado, fried lime shave and anchovy-olive dressing

Pan roasted organic salmon with caramelized avocado, fried lime shaves and olive-anchovy vinegraitte


Ok, once again, I gave in for their appealing look–yes, they look sensationally pretty, but they don’t give you the same level of sensation on your taste bud.  I always use dark chocolate from this brand to make my cakes, but when it comes to fancy chocolate with ganache filling, I have to say: I heart Agnes b.!


pretty chocolate just for the eyes…