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November stormy kitchen with cupcakes

wedding--Repulse Bay

This is definitely a month filled with excitement, tension, chaos and joy. Weddings, Christmas fairs, charity fair…all cranked in the same month, same week. Working around the clock for straight 18 hours without sleep is definitely (seriously) not something too enjoyable, especially when there’s two consecutive events and almost 300 cupcakes need to be done in a home kitchen–I guess, it’s more of a physical challenge, and of course, mentally, in a way. But the result is always the sweetest fruit you could ever savor from your own hard work and dedication–people’s smile and appreciation, kids’ naive responses with a simple word like ‘delicious’ while wandering around my cakes longing for more…and all the sudden, it’s reassured that all the efforts are so worthwhile, and I feel like back in the kitchen cooking up another storm again.

The wedding cupcake tower, made for lovely Miranda turned out absolutely beautiful, cupcakes looked dreamy with the pastel colored buttercream and the whole cupcake tower looked so chic and elegant with rose petals in creamy white and pink, and the subtle pinky purple and green from the hydrangea. The baby pink one with specks of red is strawberry’n cream, the pale yellow one is lemon cream, with bit’s of candied lemon zest.

weddingwedding--Repulse Bay

The Cedan Chair Bazaar took place right after the wedding event, with probably the worst weather condition over the last decade in HK–it was freezing cold up on the Peak, wind was so strong trying to blow everything off the table, heavy fog made everything wet and soggy in no time…it was definitely a hard day. But again, like I just said, I was glad I was there and made it through. (what a shame though! Everything happened in such a rush, didn’t get any shot of the mad mass home production of the cupcakes!)

fairs 09

Another fair’s just around the corner…better to get more sleep before that.

Persimmon’s in season…a fruit that I absolutely adore since I was little girl. The jelly like flesh, the intense sweetness, the color of fall and harvest, and oh, the dear old memories eating them. Not sure what to do with them yet…persimmon pudding would be nice…or another creation with my cupcake–spiced chiffon with persimmon Bavarian? Yup, check it out later!

Triple earl grey tea, triple the goodness

This is my newest creation combining some of my favorite individual elements–earl grey tea cake, earl grey tea creme brulee, and earl grey tea mousse. And it’s jazzed up with chocolate pearls between the earl grey tea syrup soaked sponge layer and the brulee. With a bitter sweet chocolate glaze as the final touch. And it’s just made on time to be a friend of mine’s mini birthday cake.

earl grey tea mousse cake
earl grey tea mousse cake

earl grey tea mousse cake
earl grey tea mousse cake
earl grey tea mousse cake

Recipe’s coming soon…